Mental Health Conditions and Suicide

                For far too long, we have been placing our minds on the back burner.  Scientific studies have sped along, figuring out causes and cures for many “physical ” illnesses and diseases.  This is a wonderful thing.  We now have sound treatments for heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, and many other physical conditions.  However, we have left the one organ out that controls all of the other organs.  This is the brain.  I’m not speaking about treating brain tumors and other “physical” conditions.  I’m speaking of something far more elusive; the mind.

            Much has been talked about in the realm of situational and environmental causes for mind, better known as, mental illnesses. However, not much light has been shed onto the biological factors and genetic causes for these conditions.  In this blog site, we will explore the ‘science behind’ mental health conditions and suicide.  

            The question is not why we are looking into these conditions.  It’s why has it taken us so long to do so?